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What Do I Need to Have a 3D Model made ?

First send us your rough sketch or image you want to convert to a 3D Model
You may add written details about special requirements for your Design

What Details Do I need?

    Maximum number of faces for your 3D Model,Textured? Diffuse or Normal Baking ? Rigged?
    Will your model be used for Animation? for Posing? for Games?

What about the Copyright of my Character or Animation?

You hold the Copyright of any model delivered to you
However keep in mind that if you incur in modeling a character that has been already Copyrighted,
you are responsible for whatever legal action taken against you or your business
We have no way to check if an image submitted is Copyright or not
Simply respect Copyright material.

Are All Models for Sale Designed by AGM Labs?

Of Course ! All models we sell in our "Download 3D Models" page are entirely made by AGMLABS.

Problems Unzipping files?

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